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5 Tips for Managing Stress

Mar 16, 2022




Stress is sneaky. Sometimes you don’t even realize it’s sneaking up on you until you’re nearing a breaking point. Not managing your stress can lead to a flurry of health complications and a decline in overall mental health. The first step in managing your stress is understanding that it is a normal and expected reaction that everyone experiences. The stressors in your life can add up quickly, especially if you are a people-pleasing type of person. You are most at risk for dealing with stress if you work a high-stress job, you've had a major life event, or are experiencing a disruption in your normal life. Being the parent of a child who is struggling with anxiety, agoraphobia, panic disorders, or other mental health complications is an incredibly stressful situation that can disrupt normal life. This quickly takes a toll on your mental and physical health, if you don’t learn healthy ways to cope with stress. 

Reasons to manage your stress 

Research has linked high-stress levels to a long list of negative physical and mental health impacts. Poor weight management, heart disease, sleep disorders, gastrointestinal problems, and menstrual cycle disturbances are just a few common ones. Stress is a common source of increased anxiety and depression. Taking steps to manage your stress not only improves your physical health but also helps you manage anxiety and depression symptoms.

Tips to managing your stress 

  1. Eat healthily - Not just for your physical health, a well-balanced diet has been clinically proven to improve your mental health as well. Eating healthy assures you have the proper fuel to face whatever your day has in store. Don’t forget to keep healthy snack options handy when you’re on the go. 
  2. Limit alcohol, caffeine, and added sugars - Both of these can aggravate or increase anxiety; even triggering panic attacks. This can compound into even more stress, causing a vicious cycle. 
  3. Get adequate rest - Sleep is incredibly important for managing stress, although it is often the first thing that gets disturbed when stress rises MORE HERE 
  4. Calming techniques - Things like yoga, meditation, Tre™, and guided breathing techniques are all beneficial for calming your emotions and giving you a clearer outlook of your situation. 
  5. Find support - Consider therapy or support groups to help you develop healthy coping strategies. 

Using Tre™ to manage stress 

Tre™ is an innovative and practical approach to managing stress. You can perform the Tre™ exercise virtually anywhere, and at any time! Tre™ helps you to release the stress that is stored deep within your muscles and gives you the ability to fully relax. When you’re able to fully relax, you can think clearer, get better sleep, feel an increase in energy, and have a better outlook on your unique situation. Tre™ is easy enough for all ability levels to use and requires no equipment. You can start managing your stress right now by learning the two Tre™ exercises I demonstrate in my free downloadable guide to coping with anxiety. Self-care is incredibly important for stress management, and Tre™ is a wonderful addition to your self-care routine! 

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