Coping with your Young Adult’s Anxiety and Panic

We, at Brilliant Life Community, created this free guide to help parents of young adults dealing with anxiety and panic attacks. This has my favorite, body-first healing practice, Tension and Trauma Release Exercises® that helps restore balance to the nervous system and calm the mind and body. Download the guide by clicking the button below.

Our world has a tremendous population of young adults struggling with mental health concerns. 

Did you know…

  • 1 in 4 people have anxiety disorders?
  • 50% of mental health challenges start by age 14?
  • 75% of mental health challenges start by age 24?

 Families, friends and professionals are seeking education and answers to support impacted young people to live to their full potentials.

We know your quest, possibly your frantic search for mental health resources when seeking answers whenever your child in crisis. We understand your frustration working with a system that may be mired in prescribing outdated therapies that don’t work for your child.

Brilliant Life Community was formed to fill that need. We are an interconnected network of parents, mental health professionals, services and resources supporting young adults to break out of the shadow of mental health struggles and stigmas so they can recover and rebuild their lives.

We are here to broaden the awareness of emerging technologies in the mental health field that might have the answers to your quest. We understand you. We ARE you.

Some of the Ways We Can Help

Individuals & Community

Affected Youth
Family Members
Significant Others
Spiritual Leaders

Find connection. Search our provider directory for resources

Wellness Professionals & Service Providers

Special Education
Social Workers
Holistic Practitioners

Get included in our directory so that individuals and families in need of your services can find you

Social Enterprise

Community Access Employment/Vocation New Ways of Living, Learning, & Working



Advocacy will meet innovation, with profits funneling into the above categories.

Compassion, acceptance, awareness, a sense of hope, and new approaches to mental health and wellness practices are our foundational principles.

We strive to bring the best in innovative solutions, transformative wellness and nurturing. We have vetted professionals that could be a resource for a long-term lifestyle strategy or when you’re at your wit’s end.

Let this community – your Brilliant Life Community – be a source of guidance, passion and hope for you and your affected loved one. 

To fully support you as part of this community, you’ll have access to coaching programs, group online training, web classes and blog content with new information and perspectives.

Connect in often to learn, share, be inspired, collaborate, explore and find like-minded people who want the best for the young adult struggling to thrive.


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