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Hello, I'm Mary Darud.


Personal growth and development, learning about trauma, attachment styles, resilience, self-compassion are some of my core passions and interests. I also love exploring, going on adventures, lakes, beaches, and oceans. I launched Brilliant Life Community following when my teenager was hospitalized and was diagnosed with anxiety, panic attacks, and agoraphobia.

A Mother's Mission Launches a Mental Health & Wellness Community

I am a self-employed single mom of a young adult who has been housebound for 9 years with panic disorder and PTSD. At one time I was at my own breaking point and ready to walk away from my mortgage. But I continued to be curious, diligent, and relentless to find the answers, and eventually uncovered the issue. I found the work of neuroscientists Stephan Porges, PhD, Robert Scaar, PhD, and traumatologists Peter Levine, Ph.D., and David Berceli, Ph.D. and Danny Reade, a young adult with autism,  and finally understood what my son was struggling with and why traditional mental health treatment models were not helping my son recover functioning in the daily activities of living.

I understand it is very painful to see your adult child struggling and even regressing in their level of functioning and being out in the world and on pace with their peers, having fun.

Now I want to share with the parents my expertise, my service,  a program that provides coaching and support based on the new models of neuroscience that will help their young adults move forward along their path to reaching the milestones of adulthood.

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Learn Body-Based Support with Tre™

After completing my free masterclass, many of the Brilliant Life Community members ask for a deeper dive into understanding their young adult’s crippling cycle of anxiety and shutdown patterns. As well as more in-depth knowledge about the autonomic nervous system and the emerging neuroscience...

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Finding Relief from Panic

Every year, around 11% of Americans experience a panic attack. Panic attacks are sudden and intense rises in fear that cause physical symptoms. About 2-3% of Americans will develop Panic Disorder—a mental illness that causes frequent panic attacks, usually triggered by specific places, people, or situations. That may seem like a small percentage, but it includes more than 7 million people...

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Decrease Anxiety in 15 Minutes

Anxiety is one of the most prevalent mental health disorders in the world. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, around 40 million adults in America struggle with anxiety, and a staggering nearly 40% do not currently seek treatment for it. Those who live with anxiety often also struggle with depression...

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