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The 9 Symptoms of BPD

Jun 02, 2021

BPD rears its ugly head in many different ways. In order to be diagnosed with BPD, one must show at least 5 out of the 9 symptoms. The symptoms must be long-lasting and impacting many areas of the person's life.

1. Unstable Relationships: People with BPD tend to have relationships that are very intense & very short-lived. They fall in love very quickly, feeling that this new person they are in love with will make them feel whole & their life complete. Relationships either seem perfect or horrible, there is no middle ground.

2. Self-Harm: Suicidal tendencies & deliberate self-harm are very common among people with BPD. Common forms of self-harm include cutting & burning.

3. Fear of abandonment: People with BPD are often scared of being left alone. One tries to keep loved ones close, like starting fights and tracking one's movements. This usually drives others away.

4. Unclear self-image: When one has BPD, your sense of self is very often unstable. Sometimes you feel good about yourself, but at other times you very often hate yourself & think of yourself as evil.

5. Extreme emotional swings: Most common with people with BPD are unstable emotions & moods. For instance, one moment, you may feel happy, and the next, dejected.

6. Impulsive, self-destructive behaviors: If you truly do have BPD then you may engage in harmful behaviors when you're upset. You may excessively spend money, drive recklessly, drink or do too many drugs.

7. Chronic feelings of emptiness: A person with BPD talks about feeling empty or having a void feeling. This feeling is very uncomfortable so the person tries to fill this void or emptiness with food or drugs. But nothing is truly satisfying.

8. Explosive Anger: If you have BPD, you may have a hard time controlling your temper. You may spend a lot of time feeling angry at yourself but more likely you direct that anger towards others.

9. Feeling suspicious or out of touch with reality: People with BPD often have difficulty with paranoia or suspicious thoughts. When you are under stress you may lose touch with reality and feel foggy & spaced out.