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The 4 Types of Borderline Personality

Jun 07, 2021
  1. Discouraged Borderline: People that exhibit discouraged borderline symptoms are often needy & dependent, but secretly suppress a lot of anger towards others and are often shattered. Those that are referred to as discouraged borderline, have a strong desire for being accepted & seek approval. They can also have feelings of inadequacy & inferiority, which makes them susceptible to depression. Oftentimes, discouraged borderline sufferers resort to self-harm as a means to cope and if no help is sought after, they can become suicidal.
  2. Impulsive Borderline: An individual with impulsive borderline symptoms are often energetic, mesmerizing, and exciting to be around. On the other side, they are easily bored & easily are upset & angry when they feel others let them down. Impulsive borderline tendencies like to be noticed. The need to be noticed or be the center of attention and trying to avoid being bored can lead to the practice of a wide range of risky behaviors.
  3. Petulant Borderline: These individuals are often unpredictable and difficult to please. Often becoming irritable & prone to outbursts of anger & frustration. They are very impatient. People with petulant borderline tendencies are very often stubborn, defensive, and reluctant to admit when they are wrong. The relationships that they have with others are loving, but always very complex.
  4. Self-destructive Borderline: These individuals will be their own worst enemies. Prone to dangerous behavior, they self-sabotage. There is a lack of sense of self and are very dependent on other people. There is quite the fear of abandonment. For the most part, people with self-destructive tendencies are moody, bitter, and filled with anger.