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May Topic of the Month: Depression & Anxiety

May 03, 2021

BLC is going to change it up here a little bit.  Instead of asking questions, posting inspirational quotes, etc., we have decided to take a topic for the month.  With that topic of the month, our goal is to educate & provide as much useful information as we possibly can.  Please let us know if there is a topic out there that you would like for us to provide some information and we will do our best to post that for you.

Our topic for the month is depression & anxiety. There are differences between the two but often are both linked together by stress. Our goal is to educate what is depression & anxiety. Also the signs & symptoms of depression & anxiety. There are many different treatments for both, some are conventional, while others are holistic, which does not mean one is better than the other, but just a matter of preference. Some self-care that you can do to try and manage or alleviate that stress & anxiety. We would also like to discuss some tools you may find useful in trying to cope with your depression and/or anxiety.  Can depression or anxiety cause other health issues? Can either affect your appetite? How well are you sleeping?  How much help can a friend or support group help to get you through this rough period of time?