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Learn Body-Based Support with Tre™

agorphobia anxiety body based body based actions reduce stress relax tre May 19, 2022

After completing my free masterclass, many of the Brilliant Life Community members ask for a deeper dive into understanding their young adult’s crippling cycle of anxiety and shutdown patterns. As well as more in-depth knowledge about the autonomic nervous system and the emerging neuroscience behind the body-based actions of Tre™ and how it can support recovery. This is why I created my 5-week course. A coaching program that will help you guide your young adult's transformation from being stuck to thriving. 


Week one

You’ll get a deeper understanding of anxiety and the anxiety loop. Including an overview of the physical and mental changes that anxiety has on a person. I will teach about the core attributes of chronic anxiety and the three biggest mistakes people make when they try to cure or combat it. 


Week two

This week, I talk about the neuroscience behind emerging treatments like Tre™ and Somatic Experience (SE™). I’ll teach you how they were discovered, and how they work to release the energy stored deep in the muscles that cause frequent bouts of anxiety and panic.  


Week three:

In week three, I cover the nervous system response pattern. Don’t let the name fool you into thinking it would be too complicated for you to understand! The beauty of this course is that I teach about these subjects in a way that everyone can understand. The nervous system response pattern is a response loop that leads to frustration and more anxiety. I like to describe the feeling as having one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake. You’ll learn more about this response pattern and what you can do to break the vicious cycle that keeps your young adult from achieving milestones. 


Week four:

At this point, you’ll have a deep understanding of how your young adult’s anxiety works and what body-based techniques can be used to help. Now it is all about timing. I’ll teach you about the Window of Tolerance, and how you and your young adult can use it to maximize the benefits of body-based techniques like Tre™ and SE™.  


Week five

In this final week of the course, we’ll continue our discussions on timing by learning more about co-regulation, attachment styles, and how to cultivate a flexible nervous system. This ties in all the information from the previous four weeks and helps you create a proactive support system that will help your young adult begin to thrive beyond their anxiety. 


I only offer this five-week course a couple of times a year—and the limited class size fills up quickly! The best way to know when registration for my next course is about to begin is to join my mailing list. On my mailing list, you will also receive monthly updates to new offerings and programs I am working on, as well as exclusive recommendations to blog articles, books, podcasts, and videos that I find helpful to our journey as parents of young adults who struggle with stuckness patterns.