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How to Relax & Self-Care Tips

May 07, 2021

Relaxing can help to keep yourself healthy, both mind & body, allowing yourself to recover from the stresses of everyday life.  Here are some quick & easy ways to relax:

  1. Breathe - Some breathing exercises are one of the easiest relaxation techniques that can effectively calm your stressed mind & body.
  2. Write down your thoughts & ideas - Getting things off your chest so to speak by writing them down may help one relax.  While feeling stressed, take a few minutes to jot down some thoughts & feelings either in a notebook or maybe a note app on a smartphone.  Try and focus on expressing those thoughts & feelings to help release some of that stress.
  3. Reconnect to nature - Spending some time outside in nature when you are feeling stressed may help you relax.  When feeling stressed take a short walk, or simply sit in the grass in your yard and meditate or even just soak in the sun... listen to the birds and be one with nature.

Another important topic is self-care.  Self-care is actions that people do for themselves to stay fit and achieve good physical & mental health, and also meet social needs.  Here are some tips for self-care.

  1. See friends - being social will allow you to build up your sense of belonging.  You may want to even join a support group or a church group to make some new friends.
  2. Try to do something you enjoy every day
  3. Find ways to relax - try some yoga, meditation, a massage even
  4. Good hygiene - that can improve how you view yourself & how others view you and reduce the risks of illness also.

Combined relaxation & self-care are mutually important aspects of everyone's lives.  Both are good for your mental & physical well-being.