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Stop Bullying Now

behavior bullying childern Jan 20, 2021

Bullying comes in all different forms.  May it be name-calling, physical abuse, or emotional abuse.  It can happen to anyone at any age, either a child playing with friends on a playground or an adult.  It can happen to men/boys or women/girls.  No matter what, bullying hurts and is cruel to anyone at any age.                                                                                                        

Do you remember as a child that one person who constantly made fun of you either calling you stupid or fat, how did that make you feel?  Most people who are bullied and called names often begin to believe what that bully is saying.  But is it really bullying or is it more like teasing?    How about when it is time for playing games being the last one picked or not even picked at all. 

In doing some research according to Tom Thelen, a youth motivational speaker, there are 3 components to bullying

  1. The behavior was intentional, it was meant to be aggressive or hurtful.  Most people will not admit to being mean on purpose. 
  2. The power grab, which is when someone tries to control, dominate, or criticize. 
  3. Repeated behavior, even after being asked to stop the behavior keeps continuing. 

Why would someone continue this behavior after being asked to stop?? 

Children are not the only ones that get bullied....nor should adults.  It can be at work or even a person who you thought was your friend.  Either way does not make it right.  Adult bullies are much the same as child bullies.  Does that mean it hurts any less?  No!  Adult bullies tend to target people who are different from themselves or who they believe to be a threat.   

If you see someone being bullied, please make sure and help them.  If not confronting the bully yourself then at least tell someone else about it.  Also, let the person being bullied know they are not alone because being bullied can alter your life forever.  Your self-worth is extremely damaged, and you are always offensive.  It can be a very lonely place to be.  No one should be meant to feel like that.  Treat others as you would like to be treated. 

There is a great organization that focuses on bullying called Pacer.  Their website does focus on bullying for children of all ages.  It can be used by children, educators, and parents.  There are videos, additional resources, and a book club for children of all ages so they can read & learn all about bullying.  Here is a link to their website   

In conclusion, let's all be kind to one another and recognize that everyone is different.  No two people are the same.  Just because someone is different that does not mean they need to be treated any differently.  Let's all be respectful.