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A Mother's Mission Launches a Mental Health & Wellness Community

Her teenager was hospitalized several times in that first year and has spent the last seven years since the hospital discharge housebound with anxiety, panic and agoraphobia.

As a parent seeking answers for her child’s stuck and frozen behaviors, she’s been on a quest – searching for the key to unlock what was underlying the anxiety and panic.  

Curious, diligent and relentless, Mary eventually uncovered the issue: a nervous system disorder that manifested as a mental illness, confirming why traditional psychiatry and psychotherapy haven’t been effective enough for her loved one’s true wellbeing.


It wasn’t until Mary was able to get to the root causes (vs. the symptoms) of her child’s panic and anxiety that she learned how neuroscience, traumatology and somatic responses (body-based therapies) can be supportive to the functioning of the automatic nervous system – the deeper issue behind the behaviors.

She also learned that many of the technologies currently being used in the mental health field are over 40 years old and not serving the challenges families face today.

Excited to find these discoveries, Mary spread the word about her relevant findings with the mental health practitioners and service providers helping her child. Some embraced the emergent neuroscience information, some not so much.

The next dilemma.

Though the frustration of supporting her loved one, extensively combing through new trends and emergent research that may be able to support her child’s mental wellness, Mary began questioning a broader problem.

Countless families are seeking answers for their loved ones with mental health struggles which could potentially be supported by brilliant scientific discoveries yet what keeps this groundbreaking information from being adopted into clinical practice before decades pass? What is blocking ongoing breakthroughs in research from being taught to medical professionals as standard curricula then incorporated in clinical practice?

Mary declared mental health education as her new mission.

Brilliant Life Community™

Founding the Brilliant Life Community and developing a collaborative resource directory with wide-ranging mental health topics at a grass roots level was imperative. It was important to create a hub of information exchange between all parties supporting the struggling young adults at the heart of her mission.

The community is further served with cutting-edge technologies in neuroscience, new behavioral studies, practical living solutions or other supportive developments being readily and easily accessible.   

Today, Mary’s advocacy work has expanded. In the community at large, there are insurance issues, limited access to care in some locations or other barriers that need addressing. She envisions new ways of living, learning and working for people that are struggling to function in traditional ways.

Join Brilliant Life Community™

Mary asks you to join her in her cause. Share your stories. Offer your expertise. Up-level the knowledge of everyone seeking answers for the young adults that depend on you for support.


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