When do I need an occupational therapist?

Have you or a family member ever been diagnosed with a new health condition and found yourself asking, “now what?”

Maybe you have a child with autism who is having trouble succeeding in school, or an aging parent who wants to remain at home but you’re worried about safety issues, or you are experiencing depression and having trouble doing everyday activities.

Occupational therapy can help you answer that “now what?” question.

An occupational therapy practitioner will keep the focus on the things you need and want to do—your goals, your activities, your independence.

With occupational therapy services you can:

  • Achieve goals, such as helping your teenager with a developmental disability gain the skills to transition from high school to independent living as an adult.
  • Stay as healthy and productive as possible, while managing a chronic medical condition.
  • Maintain or rebuild your independence, such as using assistive devices so you can care for yourself after a stroke.
  • Participate in the everyday activities important to you, such as driving, visiting friends, going to church, and other activities that keep you involved with your community.

In short, an occupational therapy practitioner can help you live life to its fullest no matter your health condition, disability, or risk factors.

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